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The Beaches of Milos


The largest beach on the island with off-white sand and deep blue shallow waters. There is organized camping and the beach is accessible by bus. It takes its name from the pond opposite it, which is full of clams. Achivadolimni or Hivadolimni is divided into two sandy beaches, the first is quieter and secluded, while the second is busy, organized and has a beach bar and restaurants. The beach is an ideal choice for surf and kite-surf lovers.


Passing by the beach of Fatourena and Rivari you will find a picturesque harbor, an old commercial port with a beach, a few rooms for rent and a traditional tavern for food.


The nearest beach to the port of Adamas with clear waters and many tamarisk trees for natural shade. It has a large sandy beach with golden white sand and is organized.


This large beach is located 1 km east of Adamas. It is ideal for children, since its waters deepen slowly, while at the same time it is one of the beaches with the mildest waves on the island.


From Hivadolimni following the main road you meet Ag. Marina. Then you descend the dirt road to the sea and there you will find a quiet and blue beach overlooking the entire port. Nearby is the lagoon “Rivari”.

Saint Constantine

Beautiful and quiet sandy beach in the picturesque harbor surrounded by rocks. Agios Konstantinos, which takes its name from the homonymous church of Agios, is a beach with turquoise waters, closed like a lake, with sand and several wires. It also has two small caves, always ready for exploration.


A strip of sandy beach, closed with high rocks, which is not visible from the road. There is sloping rocky ground and shallow green-blue waters. The formation of the beach is reminiscent of a mantra, hence the name “Alogomantra”.


Small cove between white rocks with fine sand and blue waters. Kapros is easily accessible by car and transport and visible from the main road leading to Pollonia.


Traditional fishing village, surrounded by Boat Houses. It has rooms for rent and a restaurant, as well as a quiet and small sandy beach of almost 150 meters, with fine dark gray pebbles and tamarisk trees.


Next to the ruins of the ancient city of Fylakopi, are the three caves of Papafragas. Papafragas Cave is a deep sea cave, where you can swim in turquoise waters between gray and white rocks that lead to the open sea. The beach is small, surrounded by the bright light rocks, while to get there you have to go down a steep carving on the rock. In Byzantine times it was used as a base for pirates, while it took its name from the last Frank Pope who used the beach to protect his boat.


Spacious beach overlooking the Glaronissia, with rich sand and some tamarisk trees, Pachaina will fascinate you thanks to its blue waters and the rocks that emerge through them.

Beach with fine white sand, and views to Akradies, Arkoudes and Mandrakia.


Pollonia or Apollonia is a picturesque fishing village built around a beautiful cove with a beach with rich sand and many tamarisk trees. It has several taverns, restaurants and island cafes, while from here the connection with the neighboring Kimolos and Glaronissia is made. Pollonia is easily accessible by car. and transportation.


The most famous beach of the island, thanks to the unique lunar landscape. All-white volcanic rock formations with excellent deep blue waters. There is also a small natural harbor, closed between the rocks, with a sandy beach and green-blue waters. The landscape is stunning, with continuous alternations of volcanic material and abundant fossils. Its name is due to the fact that pirates used it as a shelter. (The ship’s bollards are still preserved carved into the rock.) The whiteness of the rocks and the lack of vegetation create a unique feeling that you will hardly forget.


Seaside settlement with a small but organized beach, suitable for swimming and fishing. It has several tamarisk trees and a creek surrounded by “wires”. Its beach is sandy, while it also has a beach bar. At the edge, after the fishing houses, you will see the abandoned loading ladder and the church of Agios Nikolaos.

Agia Kyriaki

Large and organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars and beach volleyball court. Its cool waters, colorful pebbles and its extensive thick sandy beach will amaze you. Within walking distance of the beach are some rooms for rent and a restaurant.

Agios Sostis

An extension of Provatas Beach, it has a restaurant and some rooms for rent. It is a beach with a small and shallow sandy beach, while it owes its name to the homonymous church located a little above.


The farthest south beach, which is accessible by car. Access is relatively difficult due to the dirt road and the 10 minute walk you have to do to get to the beach, which will definitely reward you. Gerontas is a beautiful cove embraced by white imposing rocks and caves, dark sand and turquoise waters. You will be impressed by the rock in the shape of a bridge that connects sea and land, as well as its clear waters.


Ideal beach for families as it has abundant golden red sand (thanks to iron oxides) and very shallow waters, suitable for children to play. It is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, has a hotel, rooms to let and taverns. Access is easy thanks to the asphalt road (7km from Adamas and with good signage), while there is frequent bus transport.


Beach embraced by beautiful rocks, with white sand and emerald waters. Access to this truly exotic beach is via a relatively easy dirt road. But to enjoy its beauty you have to go down the hill through a trail of steep path that is covered with sand. The beach is not organized, but you can get the essentials from the nearby beach of Fyriplaka.


Extensive beach with imposing volcanic rocks, white-gray fine sand and white pebbles. It has shallow turquoise waters, a beach bar and sun loungers with parasols. Fyriplaka gives the opportunity to those who want to avoid the crowds to enjoy its grandeur and beauty on the two loneliest beaches (after the first one that is organized), as long as they walk parallel to the sea and the volcanic rocks.

Large beach with fine pebbles, but which is inaccessible due to the industrial facilities of a mining company operating in the area.


In the small cove Paliorema you can enjoy your swim on a beach with yellow pebbles and crystal clear waters, while your mind will travel through time, thanks to the ruins of the facilities of the old sulfur mines that operated until 1956. The beach is one of the geological attractions of the island and you can observe wagons on their rails, old rusty tools and unused spare parts in the material warehouse, while enjoying your swim in clear waters and wild mysterious landscape.Access only with 4 × 4.

St. Ioannis

The beach got its name from the monastery of Ag. John of Siderian. To find this white-sand beach that is divided into three parts connected by footpaths, you have to cross a dirt road of about 12 km. The first is accessible by car, while in the other two you have to walk a lot and go down rocks.Access only with 4 × 4.


Quite inaccessible beach (due to the dirt road that you have to cross to get there), which will reward your effort thanks to its shallow blue waters, its sheltered bay and its long sandy beach. To reach, you will pass the monastery of Agia Marina and turn right at the second crossroads you will encounter.Access only with 4 × 4.


Beautiful beach with rich blonde sand, next to Triades. To reach, pass Agia Marina, before the monastery of Agios Ioannis Siderianos turns right and follow the dirt road.Access only with 4 × 4.
Access only with 4 × 4.


Three sandy secluded beaches with deep blue shallow waters, placed one after the other. The landscape is bucolic with blond sand enclosed between rocks. The route is tedious, but their eerie beauty will compensate you.Access only with 4 × 4.



  • Scuba diving

  • Sailing

  • Canoe-Kayak

  • Windsurfing

  • Hiking


  • Marine Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Folklore Museum
  • Mining Museum
  • Ecclesiastical Museum

Archaeological Sites

  • Fylakopis Prehistoric City
  • Ancient City of Klima
  • Ancient Roman Theater
  • Catacombs

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